Charity album for Christmas no.1! #StandTogether

19 December 2017

The long-awaited charity album, ‘We All Stand Together’ by Choirs With Purpose, is finally on the shelves of HMV and Asda as well as available online to order or download. And it could still be Christmas no.1 with your help!

Choirs With Purpose is a great big group of around 1,400 singers from across the UK, formed of twelve choirs each singing for fantastic charities, each with their own track whose words chime with their own messages, and singing together Paul McCartney’s ‘We All Stand Together’, with Sir Paul’s backing and endorsement, and the powerful voice of Michelle McManus as soloist. 

Our own choir-from-scratch is made up of a load of fabulous young people, all with some connection to Dan or his Foundation, and all wanting to be part of this exciting project to send out really important messages to other young people to encourage them to keep themselves safe. The track we finally decided on, after long deliberation, was ‘Seasons of Love’ from ‘Rent’ the musical. The words express so touchingly how precious life is, and how important love is – “How do you measure a life…measure in love”. The final recording is incredible,  and you’d never guess they’d only ever met and rehearsed once before!

It’s still in the running for Christmas no.1, though the competition is stiff! Do buy your copy today and help all these fantastic and important causes spread their messages – and all the profits are shared between us all!