Fundraising activities

Join us in saving lives! There are lots of ways that you can raise both awareness and raise funds for the Foundation. This page aims to give you some ideas and to inspire you to join us.

What could you do?

Planned events

Planned fundraising opportunities are listed below.

If you have an idea for a challenge or fundraising event and would like to raise some money for the DSMF, please contact us on to let us know what you’ll be doing and how we can support you.

If you have a place in an event and would like to raise money for the Foundation, please get in touch!  

Sponsored walk – 2024

On Saturday 6th April, we have a very special sponsored walk planned to commemorate the life of Daniel Spargo-Mabbs, honouring his life and memory. Due

Support our work

As part of our 10th anniversary year, we are launching £10 for our 10th Year. As a small but ever-growing charity, regular donations help us

What could you do?

If you have a place in an event and would like to raise money for the Foundation, please get in touch!  Events that supporters have

Raise money through a sponsored challenge/event

Run a (half!) marathon, swim the Serpentine, knit scarves, bake cakes etc. 

There are lots of ways to raise awareness and raise funds for the foundation – see below for ideas.

Please contact us at

Fundraise at work or school

Set sponsored challenges for you and your colleagues/class; speak to your employee about match funding; nominate us for your school/organisation's charity of the year.  See below for further ideas.

We can set up an online fundraising hub for your organisation via our People's Fundraising account.

Please contact for further information.


By using Easyfundraising over 4,000 online retailers will donate to the Foundation for free when you shop with them. This means that you can raise donations when you buy anything from food and clothes to gifts, holidays and utilities (and even car insurance!).

The list of retailers includes John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, M&S, eBay, Argos, Apple and many others.

All you have to do is:

  1. Go to Easy Fundraising
  2. Select “Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation” from the list of good causes
  3. Setup an Easy Fundraising account (or login if you already have one)
  4. Get the Donation Reminder – this will prompt you when a donation is possible
    Shop as normal!

Other fundraising ideas

There are also lots of events/challenges you could try – here are just a few ideas:
  • Retail replacement – buy one less coffee each week and donate the money to us every month. Or one less luxury item from your weekly shop.
  • Share some birthday love – instead of gifts, ask for donations to the Foundation.
  • Sell your unwanted clothes/items/present and donate the funds you raise.
  • Hold a mufti day at your office/school.
  • Donate an hour’s pay each month.
  • Payroll giving is a tax-free way of donating to charity directly from your salary – ask your Payroll department.
  • Organise a teachers vs students anything!
  • Hold a sponsored run, or get a bunch of friends to enter your local Park Run and raise sponsorship.
  • Ask your company to match fund sponsorship that you raise.
  • Add us to your wedding gift list – perhaps encourage guests to contribute half the value of their gift to you and half to us?
  • Host a quiz/bingo or any kind of competition.
  • Bake cakes and hold a coffee morning or sell them around the office.
  • Cook lots of your favourite food and invite your friends to share it (for a donation, obviously!)
  • Set yourself a timed or endurance event – it could be something you love to do, or maybe you could try something completely new!
  • Nominate the Foundation as ‘charity of the week/month/year’ for your company, local golf/sports club, school, church, Rotary Club, supermarket etc.

Fundraising tips

  • set up a fundraising page on our fundraising portal to make your fundraising easy. Get in touch with us if you’d like further information about how to use this
  • use our sponsor form to collect sponsors & Gift Aid information if you’d prefer to work face-to-face. Or collect cash at your event – you can pay it to us in a lump sum (online, via Virgin Giving or cheque) when you’ve completed your challenge
  • download our logos for use in your emails, social media & posters etc
  • we have branded collection boxes and t-shirts that you can use for your event – get in touch if you’d like to use them
  • set yourself a fundraising target – be ambitious!
  • be confident about asking your friends and family to sponsor you and don’t be shy about reminding them frequently – people are more likely to have forgotten or not got around to it than being unwilling!
  • ask your employer if they will match fund your sponsorship – lots of organisations will double the amount of your donation, will yours?
  • have fun!

Thank you so much for joining us in supporting young people to make safer choices about drugs and alcohol.