Once more into the blogosphere…

Welcome to the DSM Foundation blog, a way of us putting out there some of the things we’d like to say
but never seem to get round to saying! We have done a few blog-type pieces in the past, but we are a
very small charity, working very hard to do what we do, and so it has all too often proved too tricky to
find the time to sit down and write. But our team has gradually expanded over the last year or so, and
while our work has too, we feel that we finally have the capacity to commit to a blog – hoorah!


And so we start, with a blog about our blog. How very meta. Most won’t be like this, don’t worry. We
aim to tackle big news stories, providing our unique take as the leading drugs education charity. We will
write about what we have done – because we do love a good crunch through some data – as well as
what we are doing, or even thinking about doing. Sometimes we might want some insight from those
interested in what we do, in which case we will provide details for the best person to contact (and
please do; we always love hearing from our extended Team Dan). We will, of course, highlight best
practice and champion what others are doing in the drugs education space, from government policy
announcements to new initiatives by organisations that are as dedicated to supporting young people as
we are. And there will be more, on topics and areas we haven’t even thought of.


So it is as broad as we are mighty. In fact, it will have a lot in common with the Foundation. Expect
professional yet personal, knowledgeable without being preachy, insightful minus any hint of
judgement, comprehensive but somehow conveying the sense that there is even more we could have


We’re excited, can you tell? Until next time…