Philanthropy and corporate giving

Donate as a business or major donor

We are grateful to have developed ongoing relationships with a number of organisations, from large corporates to small businesses, and with individuals able to give more substantially.  Their support has enabled us to develop our work more flexibly, innovatively and strategically and in new geographical areas, without the constraints that one-off grants can often bring.


We warmly welcome individuals, trusts, foundations and organisations to join our work through regular donations, one-off gifts, funding specific projects and pro bono work opportunities.  Perhaps your organisation has a Charity of the Year scheme that you could nominate us for, or a Charitable Foundation or Trust that might like to donate or ‘adopt’ us as their charity?


If you would like to explore working with us, we’d love to hear from you to see how we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. 


The bronze, silver and gold support packages below are indicative of what your donations could fund. We also show how we could support organisations and their employees.   However, as a small team we have flexibility to adapt these to your situation and your organisational needs – so please don’t feel constrained by these suggestions. 


Please contact us via






What your donation would fund each year:

£100/month or


2 student workshops and 1 ILYM play performance

£500/month or


5 student workshops, 5 ILYM play performances and 3 parent/carer workshops

£1,000/month or £12,000/year

4 student workshops, 5 ILYM play performance. 2 parent/carer workshops, 1 teacher-training session and 1 part-time fundraiser

How we could support your organisation:

1 workplace drug education workshop per year, in addition to opportunities for employees to undertake individual/team challenge fundraising events

1 workplace ILYM performance and 1 drug education workshop in addition to opportunities for employees to undertake individual/team challenge fundraising events

1 workplace ILYM performance and 1 drug education workshop in addition to discussing an organisation-specific fundraising challenge for your team. 

Fund a specific project

You may wish to fund a specific area of our work:

See our donate page for donation methods or contact us via

ILYM Play performances

The spring tours of the play that tells Dan’s story, ‘I Love You, Mum – I Promise I Won’t Die’ are the most powerful element of our drug education programme but also the most expensive.  Each performance costs approx £900 – schools make a contribution towards the cost but 75% of the costs are funded from trusts, grants and donations.

Drug Educators

Our trained Drug Educators are at the heart of our delivery. In academic year 22/23 alone they worked in 258 state and independent settings, speaking to over 40,000 students and 2,600 parents or teachers.

Core support team

Our core support team is a small but versatile group who make it all possible – organising school bookings, coordinating the team of drug educators, preparing online materials, managing the finances, termly newsletters, applying for and reporting to external funders, website, governance, supporting key events and so much more.  School budgets are increasingly tight, so their contributions don’t fully cover our essential core.

Pro bono support

We would welcome offers of professional support particularly in the areas of fundraising, marketing and venue hire. 


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Thank you

The Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation depends on grants and donations in order to deliver our multi-component drug and alcohol education programme.  We are very grateful to the many wonderful people and organisations who continue to support us, both financially and otherwise.  See our Thank You page for further details.