Theatre in Education tours

We are delighted to be commissioning three Theatre in Education tours of 'I Love You, Mum - I Promise I Won't Die' in 24/25, in Scottish, London and Worthing/Brighton schools.

London schools

Spring term 2025 (exact dates tbc)

Worthing/Brighton schools

Spring term 2025 (exact dates tbc)

Non-tour bookings

If your school is outside these tour areas, we would still love you to be able to book a performance for your students.   For more information, please contact us via or contact Tie It Up Theatre (north England, south west England, Scotland and Wales) or Wizard Theatre (south England and south east Wales) directly. 

Touring schools

In July 2016 the DSM Foundation commissioned Mark Wheeller to adapt ‘I Love You, Mum – I Promise I Won’t Die’, to take into schools, colleges and the community as a Theatre in Education tour. From Spring term 2017 and for the following three spring terms, Stopwatch Theatre with a cast of four professional actors took performances of the play, followed by interactive drug and alcohol education workshops, into schools across London.  In spring 2020 this powerful production was taken on by Wizard Theatre, following the closure of Stopwatch, and by the end of the tour reached more than 50,000 young people, as well as parents, carers and professionals at public performances.  

The production is incredibly powerful, and aimed at students from years 9-13. It explores issues of choice, risk and consequence, but also friendship, love and loss, and the impact of our choices on others.

Workshops focus on informed decision making and risk awareness. They aim to leave no student in doubt that they always have a choice about the decisions they make and that the risks associated with illegal substance use can be incredibly high. They learn some facts that will help them make informed decisions and some tools to put their decisions into practice in a pressured situation.

Please click on the links above for further information about each of the forthcoming tours.

‘Virtual’ tours from 2021

Under Covid19 restrictions in 2020, with live performances off the cards, we worked with Theatre in Education company TiU Theatre to have their new production of our play professionally filmed. This had been due to tour Scottish schools live in summer 2020, but thanks to generous – and flexible – funding from Scottish grants and trust funds, we were able instead to pay for a high-quality filmed performance to be created, that could then be toured ‘virtually’. You can see a short trailer of this here.

The ‘virtual tour’ includes a viewing of the film, followed by an interactive workshop, a vital element of the TIE experience. Where schools are able to have visitors, one of our drugs educators, or one of the cast of the play, will deliver this in person. Where this isn’t possible, filmed workshop resources incorporating classroom activities can be provided for teachers to deliver themselves.

This was available to schools in London and across Scotland during summer 2021, and continues as a flexible option alongside live tour, being able to reach places we’re otherwise unable to get to.

For more information contact

Reception and feedback

Feedback from students, schools and parents has been very positive. Students are asked to complete an online survey following performances, aimed at measuring the impact on their perceptions of risk and consequence, understanding of the role of peer influence, and changes they anticipate to their future choices about drugs. In 2019 feedback 88% of students said they had learned more about the risks of drugs, and 89% said they had learned more about the impact of drug use on others. The aspect of the play that students reported as having most impact was the fact it was a true story, using the real words of the people involved.

“It was an honour to watch this wonderful, moving, insightful play last night. Literally moved me to tears as it was excellently performed by four superb actors. It was sensitively done but brought across the message it was supposed to. Thank you for sharing your tragic, life changing event with us to try and help it ever happening again Fiona and Tim. Every parent and teenager should watch this.”

“I was in the audience as a student watching this performance, and I just wanted to say how I didn't even know Daniel yet I know he would be so proud of all the amazing work you're doing to help prevent this happening to others. Such a selfless thing to do from such a sad and horrible thing, and I know now why my mum worries as much as she does when I go out - I can understand now. I still don't have many words left to describe the power of the moving performance itself- but thank you for impacting lives with the story of theatre. My friend and I both felt the same and realised how much of an issue it is for young people this day and age, it has made me so much more aware. Thank you for making a difference in the world.”

Funding for Theatre in Education tours 

The play performances have a huge impact on all who see them. They are also the most expensive part of our drugs and alcohol education programme.  

We are very grateful to all those who are supporting the 2023/4 tours (London/SE and Scotland) including:

Please see our Thank You page for acknowledgement of all our sponsors.

If you would like to contribute financially to the tour please see our donation page.

If you would like more information about the theatre in education tour or to book a performance  please email