Below are a few excerpts from feedback of our work:

I really enjoyed the workshop, and I think that it was very important that we heard Daniel’s story as it has really made me think about how anyone can end up in a bad situation, and this story has stayed in my mind ever since the workshop. The workshop really made me think about the importance of learning these skills of knowing when to say no, and to stand up to peer pressure. Thank you 🙂

Year 7 student

St Paul's Girls School


… additionally, I overheard many saying that previously they were in the ‘likely’ to try drugs sort of category, whereas now they would class themselves part of the ‘unlikely’ category, which you can obviously see is a massive impact on a room full of teenagers.

I just wanted to feedback that my boys who are in year 10 came home after this talk very moved by this in a positive way, and I just wanted to say thank you as this is such a critical message for young people. Although incredibly difficult for the speaker to talk about her experiences, I have so much respect for her to turn her grief in to practical preventative messages (sic)


Altringham Grammar School for Boys


Parents workshop (webinar)

My husband, son and I watched your webinar together and found it not only very moving but extremely informative. My son is a Year 10 pupil and, as I’m sure you come across all the time, is convinced that that would never happen to him. And yet even he took notice and was extremely moved. You kindly shared not only your journey but also lots of vital information with us, and of the many things I took away from the webinar, giving children a key word or emoji that they could text to their parents at any time, signalling they need help, was such a good idea. We have shared this with our children and they have already chosen their key words.

An inspirational speaker who had a significant impact on me and I will take this forward in my work.

Conference delegate

Head of Drama and PSHE

St George's RC College

Thank you so much for coming here yesterday and sharing your story. The students responded brilliantly and your experiences have certainly had an impact here and without a doubt, you will be saving and changing the lives of so many young people.

In all my years of teaching and performing, I have never been so affected by a production and the values and message we hopefully have got out there today.

Head of Drama

Pipers Corner School