I Love You, Mum - I Promise I Won't Die
Theatre in Education tour 23/24 - London/SE schools

London/SE school tour 23/24

We are delighted to be holding our seventh year of Theatre in Education tours of I Love You, Mum in 23/24, again working with Wizard Theatre.

This page aims to provide useful information to schools about the tour, how to book,  and other frequently asked questions.

Key information

Dates: the tour will run from 18th January to 13th March 2024

Duration: total time is 75 minutes – each performance lasts 45 minutes immediately followed a drug education workshop of 30 minutes 

Cost: State-funded schools £250, independent schools £600.  For information, each performance of the play costs the DSMF approximately £900. 

Information for Teachers – Frequently Asked Questions

Please download the Information for Teachers sheet for details about: 

  • What is ILYM?
  • How does each performance work?
  • What will the students learn?
  • What do I need to do on the day?

How to book

If you would like more information about the theatre in education tour or to book a performance (London/SE England based) please email jo@dsmfoundation.org.uk with preferred dates, times and year group.


Please see our Thank You page for acknowledgement of our sponsors.
If you would like to contribute financially to the tour please see our donation page or contact admin@dsmfoundation.org.uk