Training and development


Youth Ambassadors receive a programme of training provided by the DSM Foundation within their school or college to help them fulfil their responsibilities. As well as building essential knowledge and understanding, training also creates confidence when speaking to young people, parents and others.


The training programme is a mixture of self-directed study and face to face with feedback and input from a member of staff in the setting responsible for the programme. Assessment is built into the programme in order to demonstrate learning and understanding and to gain achievement.


Training covers the following:

  • the story of the charity, its aims and key areas of work
  • effects and risks of drugs and alcohol for young people
  • safeguarding in their setting, in order to inform and protect themselves and the young people they may deal with
  • planning and communication skills, to equip YAs to deliver effective assemblies and workshops and create engaging and informative resources.

Successful candidates are expected to spend around 4-6 hours completing the initial training required in order to gain achievement.


Development of skills and interests

Our aim is to recognise each YA as an individual and allow them to use their skills, interests and talents to engage and inform young people about the risks of drugs and alcohol. New skills can be learnt, and confidence gained too, as we encourage YAs to participate in a wide range of opportunities to get involved.

  • Communication skills and confidence in public speaking can be developed through speaking to parents, partners, professionals and stakeholders at workshops, presentations and events.
  • Interpersonal, collaborative and teamwork skills can be developed as YAs are encouraged to work as a team as well as independently, forming new connections with peers.
  • Planning skills and initiative can be improved through designing and delivering workshops, assemblies and resources.
  • Input into DSM Foundation consultation and focus group activities allows YAs to learn more about the sector and other agencies with which we work. 

DSMF commitment to Youth Ambassadors

  • We will provide a programme of training through their school or college which will prepare them for their role
  • We will recognise their achievement and the skills demonstrated and developed while undertaking their role and nominate YAs making significant contributions for awards.
  • We will offer opportunities to take part in events and activities locally and nationally, in addition to our core activities, as these arise.

YAs are entitled to claim travel expenses incurred as a result of activities they undertake on the Foundations behalf with the agreement of DSM Foundation management.


YAs log the hours they spend supporting the charity, including training, planning and delivering assemblies or resources, parent workshops, or fundraising activities. Evidence is required for approval of the hours, which can be used when applying for courses and roles in the future and can be put on UCAS forms and CVs.  YAs will receive a certificate recognising their commitment and achievement whilst volunteering for the Foundation.

DSMF/Epsom College with permission
DSMF/Epsom College with permission
DSMF/Epsom College with permission