What difference does it make?

Evaluation and impact

Evaluation is essential to ensure our planning, resources and delivery are as effective as they can be, and for us, schools and stakeholders to measure the impact. We ask students to complete a feedback survey at the end of each programme of lessons or form time sessions and an evaluation at the end. These are designed to measure changes to behaviour and to perceptions of risk and the possible consequences of taking drugs and drinking alcohol. We also ask students at workshops to complete evaluations that gather immediate feedback on impact, and we collect feedback and data from teachers following DSM Foundation drug education activities. All of this is used to inform future planning and delivery, through a continuous process of improvement, and an annual cycle of review.

PSHE feedback 2021-22
The information was relevant, clear and easy to understand81%
It tackled some misconceptions about substance use70%
It changed how I see the risks and consequences of using drugs and alcohol68%
It helped me think about ways to handle peer pressure67%
I feel more able to talk to my parents, carers or teachers about drugs68%
Student workshop feedback 2021-22
It provided me with relevant information92%
It tackled misconceptions about drugs83%
It changed how I see the risks and consequences of using drugs 83%
It helped me think about ways to handle peer pressure73%
I feel more able to talk to my parents or carers about drugs58%
I feel more able to make safe choices about drugs and alcohol92%


As well as evaluating the impact on students, we also do the same for teachers and other professionals following training, and for parents and carers following workshops and webinars. Again, this is invaluable to inform the development of our delivery on an ongoing basis.

Teacher feedback 2021-22
Very satisfied with provision98%
Parent/carer feedback 2021-22
I know more about the substances available to young people today97%
I understand better the factors that affect young people’s decision making95%
I know more about the risks and risk factors of drugs93%
I felt more confident to have conversations with my child at home about drugs86%
I will use some of the practical strategies learned to help my children stay safe97%
I know where to go for more information and support100%

University of Middlesex Academic Assessment: 'Drugs education in schools: The Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Programme'

Dr Fizz Anand, Dr Karen Duke, Dr Rachel Herring, Nikoleta Syreti, Prof Betsy Thorn, Kalliopi Tzimopoulou, University of Middlesex Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (2019)


In June 2017, the DSM Foundation became an Associate of the University of Middlesex Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (DARC). From September 2017, their academic team, with two postgraduate students, undertook a formative assessment of our drug and alcohol education programme, which was published on the university website in 2019. The research focused on three areas of our work: teachers’ experience of delivering our drug education lessons, the effectiveness of parents’ workshops, and the impact of the Theatre in Education production of Mark Wheeller’s play and the workshop that follows performances.


The report concludes: “The DSM programme has been developed with regard to principles of good practice emerging from research and through self-assessment…The assessment so far has indicated that the programme is very well received by teachers and parents/ carers and that the play is a valued core element of the programme. There were no recommendations for major changes.”


You can read the full report here. 

Testimonials from schools

"I think we will see the impact of sessions like this in richer pastoral care and stronger relationships throughout the school. Thank you so much for the sessions "

"I just wanted to drop you an email to say a huge thank you for the workshops today. Your story is insightful and the work that you do is inspirational! Our students absolutely loved your sessions as did the staff! "

"You could hear a pin drop in a room filled with teenagers, I think that speaks volumes! "

"The whole day was superb and I was delighted with everything "

"Amazing provision and working with the team felt effortless."

"Authoritative on the subject matter and engaging in style. Content of the presentation was exactly what we hoped for. "

"This was an outstanding presentation and I will doing my absolute best to promote this with the stakeholders of our school. "