What do YAs do?

Roles, responsibilities and opportunities within their schools and colleges:

YAs can get involved with a range of activities in support of the work of the DSM Foundation, including:

  • creating effective and relevant drug and alcohol education activities and resources for their peers and for parents/carers
  • planning and delivering drug and alcohol education assemblies in their school, college or community, to peers and parents
  • being a positive role model for peers to enable them to make safe, informed and independent choices about drugs and alcohol
  • advising their school or college on planned drug and alcohol education and on changes to drug policy
  • organising fundraising activities to raise funds for the charity within their school, college or community.

Roles, responsibilities and opportunities within DSMF

As well as being able to represent and work on behalf of the DSM Foundation in their school, college or community, YAs also contribute directly to the work we do in lots of different ways, such as:

  • creating resources for the DSM Foundation to use with other young people, including on social media
  • speaking to parents, partners, professionals and stakeholders at workshops, presentations and events
  • representing the DSM Foundation at events, locally and nationally, and offering support as needed
  • providing input into DSM Foundation consultation and focus group activities to inform the charity’s developments and plans for working more effectively with young people
  • participating in opportunities nationally as these arise, for example with media, government or other related organisations.